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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency

Who We Are

Belvedere is an independent relocation company, founded in 2010. I joined its team in 2012 as a relocation consultant, and became its president in January 2013.

Our mission at Belvedere is to help newcomers settle in Montréal, support them with their housing search, schools search, government paperwork, move coordination, banking, financing, insurances, taxes, spouse integration (employment search, language teaching, social life, etc.) and much more. We pride ourselves in offering a personalized and qualitative service, taking into account the specific needs of each client, and delivering our recommendations accordingly.

I come from France, where I studied Engineering and Marketing, and started my professional career as a brand manager; both experiences taught me a rigorous methodology and enabled me to become a detail-oriented professional, always thriving for excellence.
Having relocated myself several times, more particularly in the USA for 10 years, allowed me to understand the many challenges of expatriation, and to learn how to adjust and learn quickly.
Perfectly bilingual, efficient and possessing natural interpersonal skills, I chose this job because I’m passionate about helping others. I fell in love with Montreal upon arriving here in 2010, and feel like I’ve been living in this city all my life!

At Belvedere, we welcome each client with warmth and authenticity, and aim at easing the challenges of their relocation, so as it becomes an enriching experience for them and their family. We collaborate with a vast network of partners, all carefully selected, which all share the same human values and high expectations.
Welcome to Montréal and rely on us, our motivation is your satisfaction!

Christine Geffroy-Jones