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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency

The Habs

Mar 01, 2012

Montrealer's religious devotion to their beloved Habs is unquestioned.  As an expat, you need to know this.  There is no question that you will not receive any sympathy for rooting for your home team, if you are so inclined.  Of course, you can do it if you like, just don't expect any patience or understanding.  And you should even prepare for some hostility depending on who you are rooting for (NB ex Bostoners!) When it comes to hockey, my best advice to you as a newcomer is if you can't beat'em, join'em.  To help you on your way here is the link to their site so you can learn all about our cherished home team.  There is probably no faster way to endear yourself to all your new Montreal friends then to start a conversation by declaring your undying love of the Habs!