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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency

Green Relocation

Belvedere is committed to being socially responsible and we care deeply about the environment.  The pace of international transport of goods and people is affecting our environment.  We are therefore very proud to provide our clients with an exclusive opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their relocation through the purchase of carbon credits.  In partnership with Canada's only EcoLogo™ certified  carbon offset program, Belvedere will calculate the amount of credits required to offset the carbon footprint of your relocation.  Alternatively, our clients have the option of purchasing carbon credits by the tonne.  Participating clients will receive a certificate attesting to the authenticity of their purchase.  All offsets are derived from Gold Standard-certified projects as endorsed by leading environmental programs including WWF and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Help the environment now and purchase your carbon credits.  You can opt to offset your flight or purchase credits by the tonne.