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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency


Why use Belvedere?

You should hire Belvedere because unlike other relocation agencies, we are not realtors or property managers who focus on selling you a home.  We have unique services that make sure all family members' needs are met.  Moreover, we can open doors for you unlike any other relocation agency. Whatever you need to smoothe your entry to Montreal, we have an industry expert waiting to serve you. We bring you all this in the most cost-effective way possible because we know that relocating is expensive and you have lots of demands on your money!

I need help finding a home. Can you help me?

Absolutely! At Belvedere, we are not realtors or property managers. You therefore have the entire market at your disposal. In conjunction with our network of contacts, we coordinate all aspects of your homesearch, making sure that you choose the best possible home. We can even find homes that aren't even on the market yet. (Please note that in the province of Quebec all real estate transactions will be carried out by a duly licensed realtor.)

When is the best time to move to Montreal?

At Belvedere, we are happy to serve you 365 days a year. For home search purposes however, if you are renting, the best time to visit is in the spring when the city's rental inventory is at its best. If you are buying, March until July is the high season, although the market gains momentum again in the fall.

Does the name Belvedere mean anything?

Yes, lots! In the UK, "Belvedere" is a term used to describe someone who is at your service. In Italian, the term means "beautiful view".  Westmounters associate the term with an exclusive mountain top enclave of beautiful homes.  And lastly, the term is also used in architecture to refer to the structure sometimes found at tops of grand buildings from which a beautiful view can be enjoyed. We thought that a word with so many positive associations, in so many different languages, was perfect for a company dedicated to serving an international clientele as they seek to make their home in beautiful Montreal.

How much do you charge?

We will find you a home for purchase, coordinate the move of your physical goods and help you obtain your government cards for FREE.

If you purchase a home, we will also pay for your executive move (certain conditions apply).

We will refer you to our exclusive network of contacts made up of leaders in their respective fields for FREE.

Additional services such as area tours, booking school visits, airport pickups, sourcing tutors, etc...are all available for an additional fee that can be negotiated à la carte, by the hour or for a flat fee.

And of course, our unique online Relocation Research Centre is full of useful information and available to all. 

Who are your clients?

We serve the needs of anyone relocating to Montreal. Our clients include individuals, families, and companies. We also work with realtors' out-of-town clients to help them get oriented. Needless to say our clients are very smart people who realize the value-added of having a professional look after the ins-and-outs of their relocation leaving them free to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Why can't I just move myself?

The difference Belvedere can make to your relocation is crucial. Moving to Montreal is about more than just finding a home and moving your things in. You want to be in the right home in the right neighbourhood, at the right price. You want your children to be in the best schools for them. You also want all the administrative details (health insurance, driver's licence...) to be properly taken care of. Plus, you will find that the really hard work begins once you're settled. Need a tutor? An accountant? Some career coaching? Only at Belvedere can you get the best guidance for all your needs.

I've been asked to relocate to Montreal for work and I am undecided.

Relocating to Montreal, or any new city, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Our goal is to ensure an efficient and happy relocation. To that end, we offer personal, customized "look see" trips designed to give you a peek at what your new life would be like here. Spend a day or two with one of our counsellors and visit the city, ask questions and learn all you can. If you do, no matter your ultimate decision, you know you will have made an informed decision.

I currently live in Montreal and am relocating elsewhere. Can Belvedere help?

Yes we can. Belvedere can help you sell your house or negotiate the early termination of your lease, coordinate your move to your new location and, if you wish, identify a trusted relocation partner at destination. (In the province of Quebec, all real estate transactions will be carried out by a duly licensed real estate broker.)

Why is Belvedere "A better way to relocate"?

Relocating to Montreal is better with Belvedere for three reasons. For starters, we put our clients' needs first. The premium we place on excellent client care means that if we cannot provide a particular service, we will identify a trusted service provider who can. Second, the Belvedere network is made up of leading experts in their fields. We make sure our clients get excellent service every step of the way. Lastly, we keep our rates down by running our company the same way you run your company or household; as efficiently as possible!

What is your Green Relocation Program?

At Belvedere we are very proud to present you with an exclusive opportunity. In partnership with one of Canada's leading carbon credit traders, we give our clients the opportunity to purchase carbon credits to offset the footprint of their relocation. We can calculate how many credits you would need to purchase to offset your move completely. Alternatively, you can also purchase carbon credits by the tonne. So many ways to do some good!