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Real estate market wrap up

The month of November signals the beginning of the end of the busy season for realtors.  New listings are few and realtors can begin to slow down a bit.  This pause gives us a chance to look back at the season in real estate.  This year, just like the past consecutive years, the Montreal real estate market has seen an increase in the number of sales and the median home price across the island in all housing categories.  This is yet another piece of evidence that Montreal real estate is a safe investment.  Condominiums saw the biggest gains at 6%.  For a breakdown of the numbers visit the November report of the Montreal Real Estate Board.

For expats, this is a good time to get ready for the spring season when things will get very busy again.  Whether you are renting or buying or selling, it is a good idea to start your research early.  Over the coming weeks, realtors will have more time to answer your questions, do a market assessment of your property and give you a useful list of comparables.  All of this prep will make your real estate search or sale go more smoothly.  

Fall activities

It seems that every turn of the seasons brings something to offer lucky Montrealers...and fall is no exception.  Don't let the shortening days and dipping temperatures get you down.  There is much to celebrate during the fall season and during the month of October in particular. Here are a few examples of  how Montrealers make the most of this beautiful time of year.

It shouldn't surprise you that some of Montrealers' favourite fall activities involve the outdoors.  Fall is harvest season after all and mother nature has so much to offer.  Some great outdoor activities for the whole family are a day trip to an orchard for apple picking, picking your own pumpkin for halloween at a local pumpkin patch, driving out to the townships or the laurentians to take in the fall colours in all their majesty, visiting an outdoor market like Jean Talon or Atwater market to inspect (and taste!) this season's bounty.  Of course, you don't have to venture far.  A walk around Beaver Lake or up the mountain to the Belvedere is also a fun and satisfying way to make the most of a beautiful fall day.  

Here are some links to get you started: Happy fall!

Quinn Farm

Outdoor activities in and around Montreal

Farmers' markets in Montreal

Private School Expo

This weekend at Place Bonaventure is the Montreal Private School Expo.  This Expo is an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about the private school education system, access to English language education, and to meet representatives from many private schools across the province, all in one spot.  Private schools in Montreal come in many varieties: single sex, co-ed, day schools, boarding schools, religious schools, non-denominational schools and even foreign language schools.  Learn about admissions policies and procedures and get a feel for the different types of institutions.  For complete details, click here.  See you there!