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Montreal English Private Schools - It's "Open House" season!

As the end of September approaches and October looms around the corner, Montrealers start thinking about two things. First is Halloween of course and all that will need to be done so that junior has the best costume on the block. The second preoccupation is: "which school should I visit?". Typically, most private schools in the city host an "open house" sometime towards the end of September and during the month of October. This is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to learn about, not only specific schools, but also the school system in Quebec in general. These open houses are usually very informative as you have the opportunity to hear directly from Heads of School, admissions staff and teachers about their teaching methods, philosophy and values. It is also a great idea to start attending these open houses a few years before you need to actually choose a school for your child as it can take a few visits before you feel comfortable with your choice. Here is a great site for more information about independent schools in Quebec