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Student Protests

As the student protest drags on, it is becoming increasingly impossible to remain aloof.  Whether you support the protesters or not, we are all being drawn into this conflict if only by virtue of the non-stop news coverage.  For newcomers to Montreal this is all pretty baffling.  With the lowest tuition fees on the continent, even after the hikes, world class educational institutions, a generous social safety net and a peaceful and orderly society, the ferocity of the protests leaves many of my clients scatching their heads.  Truth is, I think many of us are scatching our heads a bit if only because the protest over tuition hikes has morphed into a protest about a host about other issues, including most recently, the right to protest itself.  Where will this go and how will it end?  Noone knows but increasingly it is looking like neither side has left itself many options.  At this point, it seems as though damage control (both real, physical and reputationally) and prevention of further economic loss must be a priority for both sides.  In the end though, no matter the outcome, I feel for those students who were denied their legal right to attend classes and finish their term.  They have already lost time and money and will never get it back.  These are the very young people Quebec needs to assure a prosperous future and they are the very ones suffering the most direct consequences of this political impasse.


Probably one of the less pleasant aspects of living in Montreal this time of year is dealing with its roads.  Whether you drive, bike, walk or take the bus; they are pretty much always a source of frustration due to their deplorable condition this time of year.  The thawing season causes great potholes, sinkholes and cracks big enough to cause serious damage to appear like magic.  Every year citizens complain loudly and forcefully about this unacceptable state of affairs.  Montrealers pay enough in taxes to be have reliable roads but, alas, such is not the case.  There really isn't much you can do about it other than to keep vigilant and contact your local provincial and federal government representative to complain.  We deserve better!

The Habs

Montrealer's religious devotion to their beloved Habs is unquestioned.  As an expat, you need to know this.  There is no question that you will not receive any sympathy for rooting for your home team, if you are so inclined.  Of course, you can do it if you like, just don't expect any patience or understanding.  And you should even prepare for some hostility depending on who you are rooting for (NB ex Bostoners!) When it comes to hockey, my best advice to you as a newcomer is if you can't beat'em, join'em.  To help you on your way here is the link to their site so you can learn all about our cherished home team.  There is probably no faster way to endear yourself to all your new Montreal friends then to start a conversation by declaring your undying love of the Habs!