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Getting Around

Montreal offers its residents many ways of getting around.  If you choose to drive, parking is expensive ($6 per hour at a metre) and  many tickets are issued.  On the plus side, however, traffic congestion is not the problem it is in other major cities.  In either case, you have lots of options.  

STM - Public Transit

The Société de transport de Montréal (English: Montréal Transit Corporation) is charged with providing public transit service throughout the area covered by the Montreal Agglomeration Council. In 2008, 382.5 million riders (transfers not included) were carried according to the STM website.The STM is the second largest transit operator in Canada, after the Toronto Transit Commission. 
We call it the Metro. You might call it the subway or tube.....
General Information by phone
STM-INFO + option 4 + option 3
514 786-4636 + 4 + 3
STM-INFO + option 4 + option 1
514 786-4636 + 4 + 1
Lost and Found
STM-INFO + option 4 + option 2
514 786-4636 + 4 + 2
Trip Planning
STM-INFO + option 7
514 786-4636 + 7
Bus schedules
514 288-6287
Bixi - Bicycle Rentals
BIXI is Montréal’s new public bike system. It’s the bike that’s really an alternative means of urban transport. Accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, three seasons of the year, from May to November.
Take one when you need one, and leave it any station when you arrive at your destination. For a trip on the fly or as part of your daily routine – go BIXI!
In its transportation plan Réinventer Montréal , the Ville de Montréal wanted to provide different means of getting around Montréal. Given its immense popularity in Europe, the Ville de Montréal decided to make a public bike system one of the measures included in the plan. BIXI is viewed as a complement to the public transportation system and as an alternative to the car for residents and tourists throughout the city. The mandate to create, develop and exploit this new service was entrusted to Stationnement de Montréal.(source)
Another alternative is the "Communauto" program which allows you to "rent' a car for a certain amount of time (ex. 2 hours) for less than a regular commercial rental.  Pick up and drop off centers are located across the city.  

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