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Finding work in Montreal is usually the first priority of most newcomers.  There are three main hurdles you must overcome to increase your chances of success.  
Firstly, all expats must have legal work papers.  If you do not have legal work papers, we can put you in touch with an excellent immigration law team.  
Secondly, if you are part of a regulated profession in your home jurisdiction, you will likely have to take steps to ensure you are legally allowed to practice your profession according to the Quebec chapter of your profession's regulating body.  Contact them early as entry to the profession in Quebec can sometimes be quite time-consuming.
Thirdly, while Montreal is a bilingual city with a large English speaking community, the practical reality is that for the vast majority of jobs, you must speak some French.  At the very least, you must be willing to learn the language.  There are a number of excellent French language programs tailored specifically to expats.  You can also take intensive private French lessons with one of Belvedere's qualified language tutors.  Contact us to learn more. 
Read our blog post about Montreal's Top Employers to find quality employment opportunities in Montreal.  
Many of our clients are executives who are being relocated to Montreal for a 2 to 5 year term for work.  They come with their families.  Often, their partner has left behind a career that he or she would  like to pursue here in Montreal.  At Belvedere, we offer career counselling and resume preparation services geared especially to the accompanying spouse.  Your situation is unique and you need to speak to people who can understand you.  At Belvedere, we do.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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