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Driving licenses are issued by the Societe des l'assurance automobile du Quebec.  Upon arrival in Quebec you must contact this agency and explain your status.  An official will ask you a number of questions to determine what documents you must bring in order to exchange your local licence for a Quebec licence.  You will be given an appointment, sometimes many weeks away.  It is very important that you not miss this appointment because the wait period for a second appointment can be very long.  In some cases, an international licence is acceptable and a local Quebec licence will not be necessary.

The fee for obtaining a new licence changes but is around $100.  The licence is valid for four years.  
If you are importing a vehicle from another country or even another province you must register your vehicle with the SAAQ.  Your vehicle will be inspected to ensure it meets local laws.  The annual fee for plates and registration is approximately $250.
In Quebec, we have a public no-fault insurance scheme.  This means that all victims of a vehicle accident will be compensated regardless of fault.  Compensation covers, bodily injury, medical costs, loss of employment compensation and even physical therapy.  Private insurance companies insure your vehicle against  damage, theft

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