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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency

Congratulations on your decision to relocate to Montreal! Moving to Montreal is much easier with Belvedere. Let us help you find your home, arrange your move and get all your government cards in order.  We can even help you find a school, open a bank account and get the entire family settled.  


"When we first arrived in Montreal from New York there was so much to take care of and learn. Thanks to Lisa's timely and accurate information we were able to secure a spot for our son at the most sought after daycare program in the city." - Sara P.

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Belvedere - Montreal Relocation Agency


We are experts in finding your new home, getting all your personal effects moved in and managing your government papers (driver's license, SIN card, provincial health insurance).  Our extended network of experts can also help you with:

Career Coaching

home search

language training

concierge services

departure services

immigration services

tax planning

government formalities

executive move services

school search

Domestic Services Search

resume writing


Let us bring you the best of Montreal in the most stress-free, cost-efficient manner possible.  We believe that our clients should enjoy quality relocation services for an affordable fee.  If you are a realtor with international clients, HR professional or an executive being transferred to Montreal with your family, contact us to learn why a Belvedere relocation is a better relocation!